Building successful MVP with offshore team

My friend Steve (not a real name) called me recently. He would like to launch a business. He has an idea, business plan and some money to build an MVP. His question: How to? Steve cannot afford SF BA developers. His option is to go offshore. But he heard a lot of scary stories about working with offshore developers.

I’ve heard them too. A lot of them. People had a very bad experience. They will never deal with developers who are not with them in the office anymore. It hurts, I know. I would feel hurt and furious if my personal money were on the line.

But I’ve built successful high-quality applications with offshore teams. And the cost was a fraction of what it would cost to build in the Silicon Valley. I’m not the only one.

I gave Steve some recommendations. I will share them here in the next few posts. Steve can build his MVP offshore. He can do it fast, on budget and without a stress. These recommendations may be useful for you too.

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