Giving birth to a software

There are a few exciting moments for a software developer when he builds a software (and love doing it). First “clear” run, 1M customers using it without a problem, … For me the most exciting moment is the “birth”. At first there is nothing, nothing material – just some thoughts in the people’s heads. And then you create a folder, name it, add some files and run it. And it runs. It does nothing really, but it runs! There was nothing, and now there is something. This “something” is small, useless and ugly, but you see the future beauty of it. You see people who will use it, love it (or dislike). It will solve their problems and make their life easier.

But it’s still just yours at this moment. And then you commit. And boom, it’s part of the world, not just yours anymore. Even if it’s only your partner or code repository who knows about it. It’s out “there”.

And although I do it every day for some “exploration” projects, it’s different. That doesn’t bring that excitement. But starting an application that will “live” is like planting a tree or breaking ground for a new home. I may not see the tree grow or build the most of the home, but it’s all about starting it. Yes, I love to see a working product in the hands of the people. It feels good. But starting it …

I see quite often auto-generated comment in the code “Created by …“. I never like it. But when you commit the code, you have to give your name. And I know that there are a few products around that have my name at the root. And it brings a happy smile to my face 🙂.

A few day ago a new tree was planted …

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