Vladimir Syerik

There are no problems – there are only challenges and opportunities!

Hi, I’m Vladimir and I create software: architect, designing, develop and operate business applications.

Since mid 2014 I’ve been developing a very scalable application in a specific IoT segment with node.js, AngularJS, Kafka, Cassandra, Redis, Storm, Hadoop, iOS and Android. I also help business founders to build or scale their MVP and advise about engineering part of their businesses.

From 2011 to 2014 I’ve worked at Navman Wireless architecting and implementing new company products: dynamic dashboard, high volume event stream processor, HTML5-based mobile clients (iPad/iPhone/Android). All these products were brought to the market at an extremely short time.

In 2010 – 2011 I’ve been working with startup companies helping them bring their ideas into reality. I demonstrate how small teams can quickly launch scalable, reliable and high quality applications at a low cost effectively utilizing modern web technologies, cloud computing and agile practices.

In 2010 Vladimir was a CTO at LeadGenesys, where he leads the technology side of the company, building great product and assembling The Team.

Prior to LeadGenesys, Vladimir was an Architect at AdviceAmerica, where he architected, designed and developed new subsystems of the company’s financial planning product.

Prior to AdviceAmerica, Vladimir was Director of Engineering in GoldMail, where he started as Software Architect and put a lot of effort trying to bring technological level of the product and development process to the top. Vladimir moved to GoldMail from the position of Staff IS Analyst at Bayer Corporation in Berkeley. In that role, Vladimir architected, designed, developed and supported various business applications based on multiple platforms, including .NET, Java, SAP Netweaver. One of his main challenges was to find the way to integrate various application silos to meet business needs and create software that will add real value to the business.

Vladimir has spent almost two decades in IS because it’s his passion. He worked for various companies, including research institutes, small startups, Fortune 100 company. He has worked on many projects as architect, technical designer, developer, as well as operation, project and team management. He acquired valuable knowledge of multiple business domains, such as financing, bio-tech manufacturing and R&D, sales and logistic, CRM and ERP.

Vladimir strongly believes that software should add value to the business and, when created properly, should be an investment rather than expense. Vladimir graduated with a degree in computer science and applied mathematics from Kiev Air Force Acadamy

Vladimir values honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continuousself-improvement, and mutual respect. He is committed to his employers, customers and partners and has a great passion for technology. He takes on big challenges, and prides himself on seeing them though. He holds himself accountable to his employers and customers by honoring his commitments, adding values, and striving for the highest quality.